Contribution Call

Shisen is an art and design workshop based in Paris, France. Shisen is focused on visual experimentation, designing and producing books and objects.

BK004 - 2018

After releasing 3 unipersonal books, we wish to make a contribution call for our 4th book.

Our previous books had different main theme : BK001 about Linearity, BK002 about Textures and BK003 about Movement.

This new issue will have the following theme : Volume.

Through perspective, reliefs, shapes or other... Express your vision of volume, whether it is very representative or totally abstract.

Any experimental work is welcome.

This can be a graphic or typographic composition, a collage, a painting, drawing, an installation or performance pictures... or a mix of all, feel free to use whatever materials or techniques you like.

Everything is possible and you can make several proposals.

Deadline : December 1, 2017

Color : Black & White

File : pdf or jpg, 300dpi, CMJN.

In your email please include your name or artist name and a weblink (website, instagram).

For larger files please use with our mail :

Appel à contribution.jpg

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